Energy Committee

The Energy Committee's five members were merged with the Recycling Committee. Both group members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen for terms of two to three years. A full list of members, agendas, minutes and information about the combined committee is available under the Sustainability Committee page.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Hudson Energy Committee (The Green Team) is to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and explore other ways to reduce carbon emissions among the town's residents, businesses, and in municipal affairs. The committee aims to assist the town in addressing these goals as laid out in the Town Meeting vote on March 13, 2007. These goals will be accomplished through educational activities and programs designed to encourage people to pay attention to their energy needs, consumption habits, and short-and long-term interests. The committee will make recommendations to and cooperate and communicate with town officials, boards and commissions as well as public and private groups with similar concerns, and with the appropriate agencies of the state, regional, and federal governments.

Action is the operative word. We want people to understand that going green is a process they can begin right now, and that their action will help create a comfortable, compassionate and sustainable future and a more livable planet.