Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What is the current tax rate per thousand?
(A) The official 2018 tax rate is $20.10 per thousand.

(Q) What is the current assessment level (ratio)?
(A) The 2017 ratio is 97.8%.

(Q) I am thinking of adding an addition, a garage, a porch, a deck or other to my property, can you tell me what the change in property assessment might be?
(A) Although, we try to accommodate all inquiries to this office, it is near impossible to forecast with any degree of accuracy these types of what-if scenarios. As such, we do not calculate hypothetical assessments. The best approach is to examine other properties that you may be aware of that have added similar property attributes and see what their added attributes have been valued at. Once you have determined which properties those are, its best to come into the office so we can more accurately show you what the value added is, although this will be no guarantee of what the actual value will be that will be added to your specific property. 

(Q) I just purchased my home and find the assessed value far exceeds what I paid, what can I do?
(A) One way to determine if you are properly assessed is to take the purchase price of your home and multiply it by the assessment ratio for that year. (For 2017 that ratio is 97.8%). If you find a significant difference (10% either side) between the purchase price and the equalized assessment, you may want to stop in our office to review your property record card, as well it is recommended that you review the abatement application process on this website.

(Q) What if I disagree with my property assessment?
(A) After the final tax bills of the property tax year are mailed, generally in late October/early November, you have until March 1 of the following year to file an abatement application with the Town. There is a link on the Assessing website page that explains in further detail the abatement process.  


(Q) Will the Town receive additional taxes from conducting (or not conducting) property revaluations/property value updates?
(A) No. The Town, School, or County will not receive any additional tax revenue from any revaluations/property value updates. By bringing property assessments to market value, a revaluation results in an equitable redistribution of each property owner's portion of the tax.

(Q) How does a revaluation/property value update coincide with the budget process?
(A) The revaluation of all properties is not affected by the budget process. Once the dollars for the municipality, schools, and county budgets have been approved by their respective governing bodies, the tax rate is determined by dividing the final budget dollars, to be raised from the property tax, by the community's total assessed valuation. Property taxes are, in effect, voter-approved spending. For 2017 the Town completed a full town-wide revaluation.

(Q) What is a Revaluation and why is it needed?
(A) See the attached pdf regarding 2017 Revaluation FAQ's.

(Q) When is the next State-mandated Town-wide revaluation?
(A) The next State-mandated Town-wide revaluation is not later than the 2022 property tax year. The Town can conduct a revaluation earlier if the Board of Selectmen decide to do so.