2017 Year in Review

2017 was a busy year for the Hudson Fire Department. Calls for service increased by 21% with the department responding to 4,532 calls during 2017. With that, motor vehicles accidents also saw an increase of 5% with 249 calls this year. Of those calls, 137 required transport of at least one person. There were 46 calls for fires including building fires, vehicle (passenger) fires, brush and rubbish with 1 arson fire. We responded to 3,127 Emergency Rescue / Medical calls.

The renovation of Central Station was completed and construction on the new Fire Station at 204 Lowell Road began. Improvements were made to our fleet with the purchase of a new pumper and ambulance. We were awarded two grants, with one that allowed us to replace our aging hose supply and the other to purchase tactical vests and helmets to be used during an active shooter incident.

Our Inspectional Services Division has seen a steady growth in permitting and service requests. Permits have increased 12.87% over last year, with over 2,300 permits being issued. FPO Dube and Inspector Triolo have been educating the children and seniors on fire safety during visits to the local schools and senior center.

In addition to the time they spend on duty, members of the department also volunteer many hours in the community on behalf of the Professional Firefighters of Hudson Local 3154 and the Hudson Firefighters Relief Association. Here are some of their volunteer efforts:

•  Supplying and distributing glow necklaces to the children on Halloween

•  Maintaining and cleaning up the grounds at the Hudson Firefighters Memorial

•  Participating in the annual 9/11 Memorial ceremony

•  Raising $3,228 in 2017 for Muscular Dystrophy during the annual Fill the Boot Drive

•  Bell ringing for the Salvation Army

•  Assisting St. John’s Food Pantry with their Christmas distribution

We are proud to be able to serve this community and look forward to your continued support in making 2018 a safe and successful one for all of us.

Thank you to David Morin, Al Boucher and Hudson Firefighters for granting us the use of their photos that we’ve included in this video.

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