New Fire Station - 204 Lowell Road


We have created a photo album on our Facebook page that will chronicle the construction of the new Fire Station being built at 204 Lowell Road.

Click HERE to view the album.

UPDATE 3/9/18

It has been just about five months since construction started on the new Fire Station located at 204 Lowell Road. The project continues to remain on budget and on schedule. The concrete slabs have been poured throughout the living areas. Trim has been installed over the apparatus bay doors while the last of the siding is being installed. Today, the concrete was being poured on the apparatus bay floor. Metal stud framing will get underway while the rough electric, mechanical and plumbing has begun. Masons are on site working on the interior walls and will be moving outside within the next few weeks.

We will be providing updates on an open and in service date as it gets closer. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 2/6/18

The new Fire Station at 204 Lowell Road continues to progress with this past week seeing activity on the roof as the roofers completed all shingling on the main roofs.

This week, the framing crew has begun building the canopy over the main entrance along Hardy Road. White vinyl soffits were installed on the eaves of the dormitory while the PVC trim and freeze boards continue to be installed.

Over the next few weeks crews will begin work on siding the building. The project remains on schedule with a contracted completion date by the end of July. We will be providing updates on an open and in service dates as it gets closer.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE 1/23/18

It has only been three months since the tree clearing began and the site has quickly transformed as construction of the new Fire Station continues to progress as scheduled. We will continue to update our photo album on Facebook as the project continues but wanted to give you an update on where we are in the process.

On the exterior of the building the trim is going up and plywood continues to be installed on the roof. The last of the gables are being put into place. over the next couple of week you can expect to see shingles and windows being installed. The crews are working hard to get the building buttoned up on the exterior so work can begin on the interior sometime in February. The project remains on scheduled with a contracted completion date by the end of July.


We would like to thank the team at HCTV for providing this drone footage of the construction of the new station. We will continue to post additional videos as they become available. Click HERE to view the video.


Starting today, activity has begun at the site of the new Fire Station. Crews were in clearing out the trees. We are very excited to get this project underway and look forward to bringing you updates as it progresses. Click HERE to view a before and after photo.


We want to keep you up to date on how the new fire station is coming along. While it would have been great to able to start breaking ground the day after the vote back in March, the reality is, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that must happen before that can actually begin. You will soon see activity at 204 Lowell Road.

On AUGUST 22nd the Board of Selectmen re-affirmed the vote to award the project to Structure Tone which officially gave us the ability to get the project under way.

Since that date, we have been reviewing and now finalizing all the particulars of the station including the design, all materials, heating, cooling, utilities and every aspect of what will go into this facility. We want to build a station that the citizens of Hudson can be proud of and are carefully going thru each and every item to ensure we do just that.

The next couple of weeks will bring activity to the site. You will soon see protective fencing go up around the area and equipment will be coming in to start clearing the trees. You may also see some drone activity, as our friends at HCTV will be providing us with aerial photos throughout the construction. While it may seem that the process is taking some time, please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure we do this right the first time.

Stay tuned, as updates will start to come on a more frequent basis as the project gets under way.



At the Board of Selectman’s meeting on Tuesday, August 8th, Chief Buxton brought forward his recommendation for the awarding of the Design/Build contract for the new Fire Station at 204 Lowell Road. The Board unanimously voted in favor of his recommendation.

We are pleased to announce that the Design/Build firm Structure Tone out of Salem, NH was awarded the contract and will soon begin construction.

Click HERE to view the conceptual design from their proposal.

We are excited to get this project under way and will post updates as the project progresses.

Stay tuned ...