Operations Division

The Operations Division of the Hudson Fire Department is the area of the organization that is responsible for the daily emergency response activities. It is a very busy part of the Hudson Fire Department to which most of the employees are assigned, as well as accounting for the majority of the department's budget. The public is encouraged to come in or call with any questions or concerns.


The Operations Division consists of: fire suppression, emergency medical services, disaster preparedness, apparatus maintenance, employee training, and numerous other related programs, services, and operations.

Full-Time Firefighters staff the Operations Division. There are four (4) groups of nine (9) members that staff the three stations twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.

The increase in growth outside of the immediate response area of the Central Fire Station, combined with the increase in traffic in all areas of town has increased the department's response time. Additional full-time staffing and the staffing of additional stations will provide much needed relief to the department and provide a better level of service to the community.

The Town of Hudson has been very fortunate to attract excellent new employees over the past four years. These new employees have added a new dimension to the already fine complement of employees that the Hudson Fire Department has had for many years. Hudson Firefighters are a proud and dedicated group of professionals.


The daily activities consist of much more than responding to requests for fire and emergency medical services. The apparatus and equipment receive a thorough check to ensure that they are ready for immediate response. The members also conduct many tasks to ensure the stations are kept clean and safe at all times. Department employees also conduct various training classes in the areas of fire, EMS and emergency rescue during their scheduled hours of work. Not only are these employees training in the areas of emergency rescue they are continually updating their knowledge of the town and its structure as it pertains to street locations, hydrant locations and pre-plan layouts of building structures within the community. In addition to the previous mentioned items, the Firefighters assist the Fire Prevention Division by conducting inspections in businesses and participating in school and community fire education programs.

The Hudson Fire Department responds to in excess of 4,000 calls for emergency service per year. These calls range from requests for medical services, structural fires, motor vehicle accidents and entrapment, car fires, brush fires, hazardous material incidents and odor investigations, to anything else you could imagine. Over the years the department has seen it all, when people are out of answers they turn to their local emergency services for assistance. This assistance to you is their call to duty. A duty that your Fire Department takes pride in, to service and protect every member of the community.


All members of the organization, whether full-time or call, have received a significant amount of training as well as state certifications. There are minimum standards; qualifications and certifications that must be obtained to initially become a member of the Hudson Fire Department as well as to remain employed.


The apparatus assigned to the Operations Division consists of four fire engines, an aerial ladder truck, one tanker truck, two wildland fire apparatus, one squad truck (which provides both suppression and rescue activities), along with various other administrative and utility vehicles. In addition, we have several vehicles that operate within the Inspectional Services Division.