Prevention Division

The Prevention Division is part of the Inspectional Services Division and works within the community to improve fire safety. This 3 member office, located at 12 School Street, handles Plan Reviews, Inspections, Public Education, and Fire Investigation. The office is open from 8:00 AM through 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

The Division may be contacted by calling 886-6005. A representative will be able to schedule inspections and appointments by providing you with information concerning the Inspector's availability on a daily basis. Should you need to discuss a matter with any member of the Division, please ask to be connected to their office. Voicemail is available.


To better assist you in contacting the proper member of the Fire Prevention Division, the following information may be helpful;

Deputy Fire Chief John O'Brien: Performs environmental site assessments, fire protection water supplies, community relations concerning any issues of fire safety; and provides comprehensive reviews of all plans for compliance with state and local code matters.

Fire Prevention Officer Steve Dube: Performs inspections of commercial, business and industrial occupancies; reviews plans for fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems and special hazard systems; and works as Fire Department liaison to the Hudson Planning Board.

Fire Inspector (Vacant Position): Performs inspections of residential occupancies, residential heating equipment, smoke detectors, school/ daycare, and places of assembly; works with the community to assist juvenile fire setters and educates children and adults in fire safety programs.

The Prevention Division is here to assist you with any questions about fire safety. Daily, questions are answered concerning issues such as home fire protection equipment, hazardous materials, and fire code issues. We are also knowledgeable concerning product safety recalls.

We can also provide speakers or literature for your meeting or event. Annually, in October, Hudson Fire Department participates in "National Fire Prevention Week", sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.