Inspections can be scheduled with the Permit Technician by calling (603) 886-6005. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask directly for one of our Inspectors.

To better assist you in contacting the proper member of the Division, the following information may be helpful:

Permit Technician Julie Kennedy: Receives and reviews building permit applications; assists and educates customers regarding the necessary permits required for their project(s). Processes and tracks permit applications; works with Engineering, Planning and Zoning/Code Enforcement to ensure a timely response to all applications.

Inspector David Hebert: Performs plan reviews for all building permit applications; responsible for issuing all building, electrical and plumbing permits and inspects for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

Fire Inspector (Vacant Position): Performs inspections for residential occupancies, residential heating equipment, smoke detectors, school/daycare, and places of assembly; works with the community to assist juvenile fire setters and educates children and adults in fire safety programs.

Fire Prevention Officer Steve Dube: Performs inspections for commercial, business and industrial occupancies; reviews plans for fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems and special hazard systems; works as the Fire Department liaison to the Hudson Planning Board.