Sewer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn't my sewer bill show liens or interest due?
A: Beginning with the 2007 sewer liens, the sewer liens are listed in the property tax records and will not show up on your sewer bill. The Sewer Utility has been attaching copies of the Property Tax Notice of Unredeemed Sewer Liens" to the sewer bills as a reminder. The amount due is in addition to your sewer bill.

Interest on liens and past due amounts accrue on a daily basis. Please call the Sewer Utility at (603) 886-6029 for the correct amount due at time of payment.

Q: How can I avoid sewer charges when I water my lawn?
A: Sewer flow is based on your water readings. If you do a lot of outside watering, it may be in your best interest to install an auxiliary/deduct meter to record outside water use. Click here for more information. This is the only way to record the amount of water that is being used outside.

Q: How can I avoid sewer charges when I fill my pool?
A: Pool fills can be covered by using the auxiliary meter mentioned above or by calling the Sewer Utility office prior to filling the pool with the following:

Name and address of residence
Size of your pool and how many gallons it holds
Date of fill and how much you are planning to fill (total fill/halfway etc)

We will be using your pool permit information and/or send someone out to verify the size of the pool. We will keep this information on file so that future fills can be covered with just a phone call to Sewer Utility.

Please remember that this credit will apply to sewer flow charges only. You will be billed for all of the water used to fill the pool by the Water Utility.

Q: I am selling my home. How do I transfer service to the new owner?
I am renting out my home. How do I transfer service to the tenant?
A: Sewer and taxes follow information on the property deed. The Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds will send the Assessor's office a copy of a recorded deed after each real estate closing. The Assessor updates properties each month with the new owner information and the Sewer Utility information gets updated within that process. The Water Utility DOES NOT get that same update. Please call the Water Utility to change/correct billing information (603) 886-6002.

Because we follow the information shown on the deed, we are unable to put a sewer bill in a tenant or any other name except the owners. This is because a lien could be placed on the property for unpaid sewer and we are required to notify the owner of the property as part of the lien process.

Please call us at (603) 886-6029 to notify us if you are moving in or out, so that a final bill can be provided to the owner or to the real estate closing company.

Please contact Assessing at (603) 886-6009 to make a mailing address change or a name change due to marriage, divorce or if you are widowed. This will update property and sewer records, but will not change your actual deed information.

Q: Can I write one check to pay for my sewer and water bills?
A: No. Payments must be separate at this time. The Sewer Utility and Water Utility are separate entities owned by the Town and are separate utilities, similar to gas and electric. The Town is currently exploring more payment options.

Q: My property does not have Town sewer. How can I get connected?
A: Your property has to be in the sewer district to connect to sewer (map located in the Engineering Department and the Sewer Utility office). It also must have sewer access. Please call the Sewer Utility office (886-6029), the Engineering office (886-6008) or the Highway Department (886-6018) for more information.

Q: How much does it cost to connect to sewer?
A: The (one time) hook up fee for a single family detached residential structure is $2325.00 plus a $50 application fee (residential).

Please see the Residential Sewer Connection Application for more information and other residential rates. This is a connection fee only (sewer capital assessment) and does not cover the actual work done by the plumber or excavator.

Please see the Industrial, Commercial and Business Facilities Application for more information on these types of properties and/or call the Engineering Department (603) 886-6008.

The Town offers a 3- year payment plan with the first payment due immediately and will include a charge to record and release the "Notice of Sewer Capital Assessment" that will be recorded at the Registry of Deeds. All payment agreements are due immediately upon transfer of property. The Finance Director may approve or deny a payment plan.

Q: What do I do if I have a sewer back up in my house?
A: Most sewer back ups are caused within the pipes on the property and it is the homeowner's responsibility to take care of. Please call a plumber.

Sometimes the back up is in the lines on the street and that is the Town's responsibility. Please call the Highway Department at (603) 886-6018. They may need to view the lines from the street to see if there is a problem.

Q: The water in my toilet is brown. Is there a problem with the sewer?
A: Sometimes your water may look different because of the flushing of the water lines or a water main break. This can cause your water to appear brown or rusty for a while. It is not caused by problems with the sewer unless you are having a backup issue. Please call Water Utility at (603) 886-6002 for information.

Q: What is sewer betterment?
A: The Sewer Utility Committee and Board of Selectmen will create a "Sewer Betterment District" to reimburse monies to Sewer Utility for sewer work done in a specific neighborhood that is to be paid for by the property owners of that neighborhood that directly benefit from it. This would typically be for installation of a new sewer line and/or a sewage pump station.

A betterment assessment is usually billed annually to each affected property owner for a defined number of years and carries a "Notice of Assessment" that is recorded at the Registry of Deeds. A betterment assessment can be paid off early.

Unpaid bills can cause a betterment lien to be placed on the property each year.
Betterment bills are separate from your quarterly sewer bills for usage.

Q: What is the sewer abatement process?
A: If you receive a sewer bill and feel that you have been incorrectly charged, you may file an abatement request. The Sewer Utility Committee will review the request and make a recommendation to the Selectmen. The Selectmen will make the final decision to approve or deny the request. Please come in to the Sewer Utility office or call for an abatement request form.

The request should be made within 30 days of the date of the corresponding bill to be considered. Please call the Sewer Utility office if you have any questions.

Q: What is an IDA bill?
A: The Industrial Pretreatment Program is required by the USEPA and is as defined in the Town of Hudson Sewer Use Ordinance.

It is administered as a separate program by a consultant to the Town (presently CLD Inc.)

All industries within the Town of Hudson which are connected to the public sewer and which engage in manufacturing or certain commercial activities are required to participate in the Industrial Pretreatment Program regardless of whether or not the industry processes wastewater to the public sewer.

Each industry and commercial enterprise, when requesting a Sewer Permit, must fill out and submit an Industrial Discharge Agreement (IDA) application at the same time they are processing their application for a sewer permit. Please call the Engineering Department at 886-6008 for more information.

Invoices received by the Town of Hudson from the consultant (CLD Inc.) and the chemical analyst (Chemserve) for managing this program are then billed by the Sewer Utility to the industry or commercial enterprise for services rendered. These may include administration, annual reports, inspections, chemical testing etc.

Q: How do I get a copy of my septic plan?
A: The Community Development office has copies of some septic plans. Please call them at 886-6005. If a copy is not available at the Community Development office, please contact:

State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Subsurface Systems Bureau
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Tel 603-271-3501 / fax 603-271-6683
Hours M-F 8am to 4pm.

Please contact the Building Inspector at the Community Development office if you have questions about your septic system.