Property Taxes

The property tax year runs from April 1st through March 31st. The Town of Hudson’s property taxes are billed biannually. The first bill, sent by the end of May, is calculated at half of the previous years’ taxes and is usually due by July 1st. The final bill, sent out in October and usually due by December 1st, is calculated at the current year tax rate, less the July payment. Interest is calculated at 12% from the due date of each bill. If your July bill is not paid until December there will still be a remaining balance for interest due from the July due date through the date of payment.


Payments may be made by cash, check, or credit card* (Master Card, Discover & AMEX). If you choose to pay by credit card, there will be a 2.95% service charge added to your payment. Partial payments may be made at any time throughout the tax year. The partial payment will be credited to your account and a balance due receipt will be sent. If payment is received without a bill or payment instructions accompanying the payment, the payment will be applied to the oldest outstanding tax.


Property Tax Exemptions

You can find information on property tax exemptions here (Assessing Dept menu) or by calling the Assessing Department at 886-6009 .