Water Utility Department

Lower level of Town Hall at 12 School Street
Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
(603) 886-6000 x2
(603) 881-3944
Valerie Marquez - Water Clerk
Barbara O'Brien - Water Clerk
For after hours EMERGENCY service please call Whitewater, (603) 324-8318.


Department Responsibilities

The Water Utility office is responsible for customer service, billings and payment processing for the Town's Water and Fire Service operations.
The Town of Hudson contracts with Whitewater to provide overall operational services to the Hudson Water Utility.


RSA 38:4 authorizes the Town to establish ownership of a water system through the Annual or a Special Town Meeting; and the Town on January 13, 1998, held a Special Town Meeting through which the acquisition of the Water System from Consumers New Hampshire Water Company was approved by a greater than 2/3 majority; and RSA 38:26(1) authorizes a municipality, through its Board of Selectman, to adopt such ordinances and bylaws relating to the water system or structures as required for proper maintenance and operation, which includes the authority to create a Water Utility Committee with duties prescribed by the Board of Selectman.

Department News

Water Information

For any after hours water emergency please contact Whitewater at 603-324-8318.

Hudson Water Tested Safe

The Town of Hudson has two active community wells in Litchfield and they are both tested on a monthly basis for PFOA. Both wells continue to test well below state (70 parts per trillion) and federal (400 parts per trillion) levels and no action is required at this time.