Fire Station Renovation -RFP

The Hudson Fire Department invites contractors to bid on the Leonard Smith Central Fire Station Renovation.

Bid Information: Specifications can be obtained here. Any questions regarding this proposal shall be directed to Captain James Paquette by calling (603) 816-3248 or via email at

Mosquito Control

Control of larval mosquitoes in stagnant bodies of water will begin on April 20, 2016. The primary method of control will be a bacterium (BTI) that is a naturally occurring parasite of mosquito larvae. Areas requiring control will be red maple swamps, woodland pools, roadside ditches, street and parking lot catch basins, marshes, flooded fields and stormwater basins.

Melendy Road Reconstruction

Melendy Road, from the intersection of Belknap Road to Pelham Road, will be closed during the day only starting Monday, April 25. The road surface is going to be reclaimed and repaved. The work will be completed by Friday, April 29. Residents are asked to seek alternative routes during this week. Residents in the Overlook neighborhood will be allowed in and out at all times. This is school vacation week so bus routes will not be effected. Questions should be directed to the Highway Department at 886-6018.

State of NH Voters