RFP - Restroom Facility at Benson Park

Sealed Bids will be received at the Town Hall Offices, Office of the Town Clerk, 12 School Street, Hudson, NH, until 10:00 AM, local time, August, 17 2018, for the following project: RESTROOM FACILITY AT BENSON PARK, HUDSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE.

Bids submitted or received after this date and time will not be accepted. This project is 100% funded by the Town of Hudson.

Property Assessments

The Hudson Assessing Department has hired a contractor, KRT Appraisal LLC, to conduct house-to-house data collection on residential properties, for 2018-2019, for purposes of future property revaluation preparation, in addition to Town of Hudson personnel. All field personnel have photo identification issued by the Town and their vehicle information is on record at the Hudson Police Department. It is requested that property owners please allow the personnel to review the interior of property as well as allow them to conduct exterior measurements.

Water Information

For any after hours water emergency please contact Whitewater at 603-324-8318.

Robinson Pond Water Testing

On Friday, July 13, the State of NH/DES conducted water quality testing at Robinson Pond. The Pond meets the requirements for a public swimming area. The “Green” approved signs are posted at beach.

State of NH Voters